Do you know your Quickbooks file is a mess but you aren’t sure how to fix it?

Do you have:

  • No idea if you are making a profit or loss until the end of the year? Or worse tax time?
  • Reports that don’t make any sense?
  • A bank account not reconciled in months? (or years?)
  • Accounts Receivable invoices you know are paid but can’t figure out?
  • Bills you know are paid but still show up to be paid?
  • A payroll service does your payroll and you don’t know how to post it accurately?
  • An outstanding adjustment from your accountant you don’t know why is there?
  • Someone ready to buy your business but you can’t show them your books the way they are.
  • A banker who wants to lend you money, but needs accurate financials first.
  • A growing business that needs structure and processes to be successful?

Whether you have a small problem or a large one, we can help you clean up your Quickbooks mess and keep it clean once and for all.  Having a lot of undone bookkeeping or a general ledger that is a nightmare can be really stressful. You don’t know if your company is making money or losing it’s shirt because you can’t get good reports or information.


It’s an easy problem to ignore. But a bookkeeping mess can lead to several problems down the road. For one, if you don’t regularly reconcile the bank statement then you could lose thousands of dollars due to a bank error.  It does not happen often, but it does happen, banks do make mistakes. However, normally, the bank will only give you 60 days to bring that mistake to their attention, if you don’t, you’re out of luck.  Another major reason to clean up your Quickbooks mess is fraud.  Fraud is easy to hide if the books are a mess.

We’ve been cleaning up Quickbooks messes for over 20 years and using QB since 1995. There’s really nothing we haven’t seen or fixed when it comes to Quickbooks.  Seminars only tell you how to use the software not how to fix what you’ve already done! You need an expert to review the file and get it fixed once and for all.


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