Quicbooks for Mac

I get many phone calls about supporting QB for Mac users. Many have become disappointed with the service of consultants in the business arena because Macs are different and so is Quickbooks for Mac and not every consultant understands that.

First of all, an iMac just works differently than a PC.  I’ve been using iMacs for about 5 years and a wide range of Quickbooks usage on Macs. Some people just buy QB for Mac (which can be a very different product than QB for Windows). It’s getting closer in look and feel but it’s still a different product.  Some users I support have an iMac and access a Windows cloud server to run a QB Windows version. Some users run a Windows emulator and run the QB version right on their iMac in Windows (this is what I do).  Yet others use Quickbooks on Line. An iMac is actually quite flexible in terms of what product you can use. It’s also becoming very business friendly. In fact it’s integration ability and sheer amount of power I’ve found on an iMac is pretty impressive.

If you use QB for Mac or some hybrid above, we can support any version or access method you find works for your business. For more information, please go to the About page and contact us at https://qbmess.com/about/

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