Nevada UI mandatory E-File effective July 1

Effective July 1, 2018, the Nevada Department of Employment mandated that all employers file their quarterly Unemployment Contribution and Wage reports electronically. Businesses must first register to file on-line through the Employment Security Division’s website. Although the agency mailed forms to each employer at the end of the quarter, these forms should not be filed manually.   Computer generated forms provided by QuickBooks software or other software also should not be mailed, but the form filed via the agency website.  I spoke with the agency today and they indicated that second quarter forms that are mailed in may be accepted but a warning letter will be issued. I was also told that third quarter forms will not be provided to employers and that mailed forms will not be accepted, which means if a quarterly wage report is mailed it will not be considered timely filed and will be subject to penalties and interest.

What employers should watch carefully is that the website requires that you file your quarterly unemployment form in two parts; the contribution report and the wage report. Ensure that you read the instructions carefully and make sure that both reports are submitted properly.

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