Nevada UI mandatory E-File effective July 1

Effective July 1, 2018, the Nevada Department of Employment mandated that all employers file their quarterly Unemployment Contribution and Wage reports electronically. Businesses must first register to file on-line through the Employment Security Division’s website. Although the agency mailed forms to each employer at the end of the quarter, these forms should not be filedContinue reading “Nevada UI mandatory E-File effective July 1”

Start saving as early as possible!

Kids can start a retirement account as soon as they have earned income. Yes babysitting money and odd job income counts. If I were only 16 again. wish I had better financial education as a teen/young adult. Compound interest truly is the 8th wonder of the world. This is a great article on kids andContinue reading “Start saving as early as possible!”

Found another $3500 of forgotten money!

Every so often I browse various states unclaimed property websites for my clients. This week I was able to recover 2 clients over $3500 of their own money just sitting in the state treasurer’s office. Companies and organizations are required to send unclaimed paychecks, utility deposits, forgotten bank accounts, life insurance and any other unclaimedContinue reading “Found another $3500 of forgotten money!”

How Quickbooks uses Undeposited funds

Many accountants HATE the undeposited funds account in Quickbooks. I can’t say I blame them depending on whether or not the account was used properly. The account is actually quite helpful when used as designed. Undeposited Funds is a special account created by QuickBooks as a clearing account for payments that have been received but notContinue reading “How Quickbooks uses Undeposited funds”

Tracking Use Tax in Quickbooks

Many companies and individuals are not aware of the requirement to pay use tax on purchases that were made without paying applicable sales taxes.  Sales tax is levied upon the purchase at the point of delivery. This means that many internet sales do not include sales tax if they are shipped out of state, leavingContinue reading “Tracking Use Tax in Quickbooks”

Quickbooks Enterprise Tip: Fixed Assets

Did you know that you can sync your fixed assets with the QuickBooks Fixed Asset Manager software using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise? By clicking on Company | Managed Fixed Assets in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, you can open up a host of options for tracking fixed assets. First, create a list of fixed asset items in Enterprise.Continue reading “Quickbooks Enterprise Tip: Fixed Assets”

Managing the Cash Flow Crunch of Business Growth

Businesses in a heavy growth phase may experience an extreme cash crunch due to ever increasing demands of a growing enterprise.  Cash flow is vital but how to control it? 1. If you extend credit, be sure to monitor accounts receivable regularly. Have a person who is dedicated to watching the A/R at least onContinue reading “Managing the Cash Flow Crunch of Business Growth”