Managing the Cash Flow Crunch of Business Growth

Businesses in a heavy growth phase may experience an extreme cash crunch due to ever increasing demands of a growing enterprise.  Cash flow is vital but how to control it? 1. If you extend credit, be sure to monitor accounts receivable regularly. Have a person who is dedicated to watching the A/R at least onContinue reading “Managing the Cash Flow Crunch of Business Growth”

Stop the Money Leaks in Your Business

It’s almost winter time. That means you have to be careful about frozen pipes and water leaks. What about “money leaks”?  They can be just as detrimental to your business as a water leak can be to your home. Examples of money leaks include: Overpayments in insurance due to incorrect classifications Vendor overpayments Employee time overpaymentsContinue reading “Stop the Money Leaks in Your Business”

20 Reasons your business will fail and 10 why it may not: #1 Cash Flow

This is the first in a series of posts that are designed to help business owner’s make better decisions. I truly believe that everything decision you make impacts the company’s success. Reason #1 Your small business will fail: Not having enough cash to make it through the start-up period, a downturn or to handle aContinue reading “20 Reasons your business will fail and 10 why it may not: #1 Cash Flow”