Quickbooks Reconciliations: Not Just for Banking

Most Quickbooks users are familiar with doing monthly bank reconciliations and the importance of doing so. Some reconcile credit cards on a regular basis as well (good job!). That’s where most reconciliations end, but don’t have to.  The bank reconciliation feature in Quickbooks (both Desktop and On-line) can be used to reconcile any balance sheet account,Continue reading “Quickbooks Reconciliations: Not Just for Banking”

Managing Customer Deposits or Retainers

I get frequent Quickbooks questions and I believe that many users have similar questions. I will start posting answers to these questions in my blog for everyone. This week I received the following question: Hi Tirena, Please tell me if you know how to manage this issue. Often times, I get a retainer for aContinue reading “Managing Customer Deposits or Retainers”